The Pass Beats All

I remember like it was yesterday.

On our first day of practice in high school, our coach brought everyone together to illustrate a point that would stick with me throughout life.

He stood with the ball at his feet, and told our assistant coach to stand 20 yards away.  He asked the fastest player on our team to stand directly next to him, facing our assistant coach 20 yards way.

“Cam is the fastest player on our team.  Speed and individual ability have a place in the game.  But most times, a pass can do more for a team than a fast player.”

Here’s how the drill worked.  When he blew the whistle, Cam would sprint his fastest to reach our assistant coach.  At the same time, coach would pass the ball to our assistant coach.

“Tweeeeeeeeet!”  The whistle sounded, and in less than a second the ball was at our assistant coach’s feet.  Cam had barely made it half way there.

Belaboring this point would actually decrease its effectiveness.  The example speaks for itself.

For the good of the game, pass the ball.  No matter how much of a superstar you think you are.